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The Bibliographical Bulletin on Federalism is published on-line and provides an overview of articles on the subject of federalism published in about 700 of the main scientific journals in English, Italian, French, German and Spanish. It was published three times a year until 2015, and twice a year since 2016.
The Bulletin has an interdisciplinary character as is required by its subject. Journals of law, political science, IR, economics, history, philosophy, and sociology are considered. Several specific topics are considered as related to federalism on the basis of the studies of authors such as Kenneth C. Wheare, Carl Joachim Friedrich, Mario Albertini and Daniel Elazar. The Bulletin's structure is divided in different sections and subsections to make it easy for scholars to identify the articles relevant to them. It is possible to search the Bulletin by authors, journal, year, key-words, words in the abstract, words in the title, sub-section of the Bulletin.

The abstracts listed are taken directly from the respective websites where the full text can be found.
They are not the work of the editorial staff of the Bibliographic Bulletin on Federalism.

All issues of the Bulletin are freely available to all scholars, as the Centro Studi sul Federalismo considers it as a service to the international academic community and a contribution to the development of studies on federalism. Here is the list of the journals examined. The Bulletin is updated to the latest issue available, but there may be delays in their publications, which do not depend on our will.

Many articles included in the Bulletin are also available at our specialised Library, which offers a wide range of materials, including some rare collections given to the Centre by several personalities, scholars, and institutions. The Library catalogue is accessible on-line, and the Library is open to all interested scholars. The Centre for Studies on Federalism can help Italian and foreign scholars to organise their stays at the Center to consult the Library material.

For comments and suggestions, please e-mail: castaldi@csfederalismo.it

Section A) The theory and practise of the federal states and multi-level systems of government
  1. The theory of federation
2. Constitutional reform
3. The division (and the conflicts) of powers and competences
4. The legislative branch
5. The executive branch
6. The judiciary branch
7. Economic and fiscal federalism
8. The Central Bank(s)
9. Local government(s)
10. Processes of federalization and decentralization
Section B) Global governance and international organizations
1. The United Nations and its system
2. The economic and financial international organizations
3. Security communities and organizations
4. Global governance, supranational federalism and democracy
5. The Globalization process
Section C) Regional integration processes
1. Theory of regional integration processes
2. Cooperations and integration in Africa and in the Middle East
3. Cooperations and integration in Central and North America
4. Cooperations and integration in Central and Latin America
5. Cooperations and integration in Asia and the Pacific Area
6. The European unification process
7. Inter-regional Cooperation
Section D) Federalism as a political idea
1. Federalism
2. Nationalism
3. Federalist authors, personalities and organizations
4. Various/Miscellaneous

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